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You can recycle THAT?

by Michael Ford last modified 07 May, 2019 12:38 PM

National Waste-Free finalists in Blandford are showing us the way to go in recycling, upcycling, repurposing, and the circular economy.

Archbishop Wake Primary School in Blandford is recycling crisp packets and dozens of other items as part of reducing plastic waste and playing a part in looking after the Earth.

One of the school’s aims is “To create a sense of the school as an extended family unit, developing positive links with the home, community and other schools.”

The School Council represents the views of pupils, giving opportunities to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community, and has been a major driver of the recycling programme.

Worried about the amount of crisp packets that were being thrown away at lunchtimes, they researched ways to recycle these and have joined the TERRACYCLE project. These days, lunch time bins are empty and recycling boxes are full. Families and businesses in the area are now contributing their crisp packet waste to the school.

“We really enjoy counting and packing the crisp packets. I feel we are really making a difference to the environment. I can eat crisps now and not feel guilty.” - Year 6 child

Year 6 children have visited Careymoor recycling centre which has inspired them to write to local and national companies to question them about their use of plastic and plan to reduce this usage in the future. They hope that their efforts will mean that companies will reconsider or improve their practice.

Replies have already been received from Rolex, Cadbury and New Look amongst others.
They were finalists in the waste free lunch competition again this year – meaning everyone’s lunch was 100% plastic waste free.

‘We Need That- Dorset’ is a reuse directory which lists commonly thrown-away items and where they can be recycled. Archbishop Wake is named as one of the key Dorset contacts.

The full list of items recycled includes bottle caps, bread bags, buttons, calculators, card, cellophane, clothing accessories, crafting equipment, drainpipes, fabric, flower pots, guttering, ice cream containers, ice lolly sticks, mobile phones, and ribbons.

Main list here

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