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Pastoral Organisation

by Helen Clemow last modified 14 Feb, 2022 03:54 PM

Arrangements for the pastoral supervision of the diocese and the organisation of parishes and benefices is the responsibility of the Diocesan Mission and Pastoral Committee (DMPC) which issues formal proposals for such matters as the union of parishes and/or benefices, the creation of team and group ministries, alteration of parish/deanery /archdeaconry or diocesan boundaries, changes to  parish or benefice names, appropriation Schemes, suspension of presentation, Bishops Mission Orders, possible church closures and church sharing agreements, as well as other structural changes which require consultation.

Further information about these can be found in Frequently asked questions about Pastoral matters.

Pastoral changes undergo a thorough consultation process, initially at a local level amongst those affected, and then at a public level through the Church Commissioners website.  Details of ongoing consultations in this and every other diocese can be found  here.  We have taken additional steps during the Covid-19 epidemic to ensure that we are still able to consult widely by extending consultation periods and publicising pastoral changes more widely throughout our communities.  

To download a Vacancy Pack, visit the Churchwardens' page.

The Pastoral Measure Code of Practice may be accessed at the Church Commissioners, Pastoral Division website.

If you have any queries about pastoral matters please contact:


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