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What's missing from the Christingle?

by Michael Ford last modified 08 Jan, 2020 11:22 AM

The Children's Society Christingle Services have become a popular part of Advent, Christmas and Epiphany celebrations in our churches and schools, and are a great opportunity for whole communities to come together.

In the Wiltshire Village of Seend, near Melksham, the church Primary School and village came together for a "magical" Christingle service.

It promoted the invaluable work of the Children’s Society and reminded the congregation of the symbolism of the Christingle by playing “spot what is missing on the Christingle!”

Head Teacher Jackie Chalk explains that, in turn, each element that made up the Christingle was introduced:

"When the orange was missing we were reminded that in some places the world is being destroyed, through war, natural disasters, deforestation or pollution. We need the orange to remind us of the world God has provided and how we all have our part to play in looking after it.

"When the ribbon was missing, we learned that some people have no-one in their lives to wrap their arms around them, to care for them, to show them that they are loved and safe.

"We explained that we must wrap a ribbon around the orange to remind us that God is always there for people who turn to him and he will wrap his love around them. When the fruit was missing from the Christingle we thought about how some people around the world are hungry and haven’t enough food to eat each day or anything more than the very basic amount of food.

"Then we explained that we must put the fruit on to remind us that God has provided enough food for us all and that those of us who have plenty, should share with those who don’t have enough.

"When the candle that was missing, it was explained that some people have no direction in their lives, they don’t know right from wrong and make the wrong decisions. They are lost. We must put in a candle to remind people that the light of Jesus will guide them along the correct path and show them the way to live their lives in a happy and fulfilling way.

"The highlight of the service was when all the Christingles had been given out, lit and the lights were down. Everyone sang Silent Night and soaked up the atmosphere which was truly magical."

What's missing from the Christingle- they are lit

Each child held a lit Christingle symbolising the Light of Christ.

The Revd Carole Owen said:

"We are proud to have and value our strong links between church and school. £240 was raised for the Children's Society to support vulnerable children."

If you have held a Christingle or are planning one during the Epiphany season we would love to , and don't forget to tag us on Facebook or Twitter with '#dosalchristingle'.

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