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Values in Action - Compassion

by Emma Waters last modified 16 Apr, 2020 04:37 PM

At Wimborne St Giles First School, children have been reaching into to the community and living-out the value of compassion.

Values in Action - Compassion

Gardening - for all to enjoy this summer!

During this time when we are all in different places, children at Wimborne St Giles First School have been thinking of ways they can continue to demonstrate their Christian value of Compassion in real and practical ways. They have continued to follow the weekly challenges from the Church of England’s Lent Campaign for 2020: Live Lent Care for God’s Creation both in school and in their homes. Children have planted flowers and vegetables and nurtured them over the past few weeks. They have also thought about ways in which they can protect the plants and trees as they endeavour to ‘tread more gently on the earth.’  

The school has worked closely with a local Dementia Friendly group, In Jolly Good Company’,  since last year and, knowing that they wouldn’t be able to see them in person for a while, the children wrote letters and painted pictures for members of the group so they knew they were being thought about. The school recently received a message of thanks from the director, Sarah Rampton:

“Thank you so much for the beautiful paintings and letters. They were a huge boost to me and those missing the Jolly Days will love them. Just fantastic. Keep well and safe, Sarah.”

The school has also been open for the children of key workers and these children have created a rainbow banner to hang outside the school building. Children at home have also done the same and added their own messages of love and hope, to display in their windows.

Headteacher, Philippa Hill, is extremely proud of the many ways that the children have demonstrated Compassion in Action over the past few weeks.  “By living out our school vision, ‘Together we Grow’, the children have really shown that each one of them has the power to change the world and make a real difference in our community. We may be physically apart, but, emotionally and spiritually, we are still very much together.”

“We cannot do great things on this earth. We can only do small things with great love.” ~ Mother Teresa


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