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One student uses her locks in 'lockdown' to make a difference!

by Emma Waters last modified 15 Jul, 2020 10:30 AM

One student's generosity and kindness resulted in a lockdown haircut with a difference...

One student uses her locks in 'lockdown' to make a difference!

The St Andrew's School logo, with vision statement

At St Andrew's School in Weymouth they strive to live by the motto #makeadifference and they encourage their students to find opportunities to help people, whether it be within their school or their wider community. 

In this school news story we can see how the generous action of one pupil has set a very personal example of how someone can make a difference to other children. Her story was sent to us by one of her teachers Kirsty Goodwin, who wrote:

"Scarlett, a Year 2 student, learned that a family friend had had their hair cut short to help other people. She wanted to know more, so she asked lots of questions and learned that sometimes poorly children lose their hair. She found out that her friend’s hair was going to be used to make wigs for those children.

Scarlett had a plan! She’d only ever had the ends of her hair trimmed in all of her seven years and knew just what to do with her lovely locks. With the help of her mum, Scarlett was able to donate 16 incredible inches of her hair. She sent it to The Little Princess Trust, who give free wigs to children who have lost their hair to help restore their confidence.

Scarlett said, “I was upset that little girls didn’t feel beautiful, so I wanted them to look beautiful and make them feel better.”

We’re so proud of Scarlett and we can’t wait to welcome her back to school in September to see what new ways she finds to #makeadifference in Year 3!"

scarlett before and after

scarlett st andrews wey 3

Well done Scarlett, such a generous way to express love to the wider community, what a way to make a difference!

At the DBE we love hearing how young people live out their school's values, please do send us news and events that your school and community have participated in. 
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