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'I've had an Amazing Day!'

by Michael Ford last modified 16 Jul, 2019 01:01 PM

In a first for local Year 4 pupils, 155 children came to Wimborne Minster to celebrate their move to Middle School and, as one pupil remarked, it was an "amazing day"!

This is the first year that our Diocese has held such an event at the Minister, giving the pupils the opportunity to celebrate the move from first schools to middle schools.

The 155 pupils from 7 schools with teachers and helpers travelled to the Minster to spend the morning involved in art and drama workshops on the theme of the Mustard Seed.

The members of RISE Theatre and the volunteers from Wimborne Minster ably led the workshops to lay the foundations for the service which was the highlight of the day.

Local clergy, led by the Revd Andrew Rowland and Nicola Coupe from the Diocesan Board of Education, welcomed parents, carers, governors, Year 5 teachers and Headteachers of the Middle Schools.

I had an amazing day- a gardener in the Minster

The wonderful RISE theatre led all of the children in an amazing presentation of the Parable of the Mustard Seed.

There was a real buzz around the Minster as the children worked together in mixed school groups. As gardeners, explorers, warriors and creators the children worked with the actors to tell the story as the mustard seed was planted, the roots took hold and the seed grew into a big tree. The tree was rocked by a storm but the roots held firm, rooted in the love of God.

The tree became a beautiful, colourful tree, and all were encouraged to grow and develop into the person that God has created us to be.

The ‘Miracle Seed Song’ was enthusiastically sung with actions as the children processed out of the Minster onto the Minster Green for the final prayer and blessing from the Revd Andrew Rowland.

I had an amazing day- prayer and blessing

A pupil was heard to say to her friend "I have had an amazing day!"

Emma Chaffey, Year 4 teacher from Cranborne First said the day was really special:

"Our Year 4 Children attended the fantastic service for Year 4 Leavers at Wimborne Minster. All children thoroughly enjoyed the day and I believe they all gained something valuable from this.’

One of the volunteers, Sue Tipping echoed this:

"We praise God for the perfect weather and for His presence in making the day such a success. We pray now that the love, joy, co-operation and spiritual awareness from the day will stay with the children as they start at their Middle Schools in September".

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