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"Be the best you can be!"

by Michael Ford last modified 09 Jul, 2019 05:39 PM

1600 of our Year 6 pupils were given the chance to celebrate their last days at primary school in style with very a special Leavers' celebration at Salisbury Cathedral.

"Be the best you can be!"

Rise Theatre Co at Salisbury Cathedral

Any concerns about leaving their first school to move up to big school were nowhere in sight when the pupils from church schools across the Diocese attended one of 5 'Leavers Days' hosted by the Cathedral in recognition of their forthcoming transition from primary to secondary school.

Selected photos here

View a clip of children signing a song

“The children had an amazing day and it was a memory I hope they will keep for a long time,” said Mrs Lindsay Clough, Headteacher at St Barnabas Primary School, Market Lavington, just one of the many schools who joined in.

Each special ‘Year 6 Leavers’ Day’, involved children in drama and art workshops where they worked collaboratively with one another in mixed school groups.

The day culminated in a glorious and interactive presentation of ‘The Mustard Seed’ parable led by Rise Theatre.

With advice to ‘Be the best you, you can be!’ and ‘Look out for ways that you can grow, like the mustard seed!’ the children’s journeys onwards were blessed in turn by the Bishop of Salisbury, Revd Jonathan Triffitt, Revd Canon Thomas Woodhouse, the Bishop of Sherborne and Revd Heather Waldsax.

Attended by Senior Leaders at the Salisbury Diocesan Board of Education and a Clergy Champion, each performance began with a procession led by ‘banner bearers’ from each school and prayers of welcome.

Then the story unfolded, telling of a Gardener who plants some small seeds. These small, ordinary seeds were likened to each child (tiny, but filled with untold potential).

The story takes all present on a journey as the seed is planted, takes root in the ground and grows to become a mighty tree. Once fully grown the tree’s foundations are tested through a storm but ‘rooted in God’s love’ it remains standing despite the knocks from the wind and rain.

Finally, the tree bears fruit in all its unique colour and beauty. Encouraged to know that within each of us are Gardeners, Warriors, Creators and Explorers, the story came to a close with prayers and thanks.

Singing the ‘Miracle Seed Song’ for a final time, the children processed out of the West Door for the blessing on the lawn at the front of the Cathedral.

The Chair of Governors at Milton on Stour Primary School, Melvin Stroud said:
“It was a truly inspirational day which everyone so enjoyed. These sort of occasions really 'bring alive' being a church school and something our children will remember for ever.”

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